If you want the definition of the perfect piano teacher, Catherine Ladd is the ONE. I feel so blessed to be able to give the opportunity to my son to learn from an exquisite piano teacher like her.
--  DEEPA G. (parent)

As a stay-at-home mom with a few hours to myself each day, I finally had the opportunity to pursue one of my lifelong dreams...learning to play the piano. My parents had not been able to afford me this luxury as a child, even though I always desperately wanted to take piano lessons. At the age of 35, I decided to start lessons with Catherine based on her stellar reputation in the Katy community. Every single person I asked for a recommendation mentioned her name, so I figured that was a good sign. :-) It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. 10 months later, I'm playing classical, contemporary Christian, jazz, and popular music and absolutely LOVING it! Being able to create beautiful music on a daily basis is an amazing gift that I cherish, and she is helping me reach my goal of being able to play with my church band. With Ms. Ladd as my teacher, I feel comfortable, encouraged, and confident as a pianist. I never dreamed I would have such success in such a short period of time. She is a FABULOUS teacher and has a wonderfully friendly, kind demeanor. I cannot sing her praises enough! Call her now if you want to learn piano at any age!
-- KELLI H. (adult student)

I'm an adult student and have been taking piano lessons with Ms. Ladd for seven months. After years of procrastinating and doubts of whether I'm getting too old to start playing piano, the experience with Ms. Ladd's teaching method and studio has been shown to be both enjoyable and effective. Ms. Catherine Ladd helps prove that it's never too late to start learning to play piano!
-- DR. T. (adult student)

Catherine truly has a gift for teaching music and working with children. She is able to explain piano and music theory in a way that even young children can understand. My husband and I have been amazed at our children's progress after only a year and a half of lessons.  We have friends whose children have also been in piano the same amount of time with another teacher, and their progress is not anywhere near ours (after hearing our children play, they are now on Ms. Cat's waiting list!), and I attribute that completely to Ms. Cat's amazing teaching style.  She is a very gifted pianist; my children have come home in awe after hearing her play for them.  We feel truly blessed to be a part of her studio.  My daughters absolutely love "Ms. Cat" and we hope that we have the privilege of staying in her studio for many years to come!
-- AMY S. (parent)


After having taken lessons from other piano instructors, my oldest daughter had no idea piano instruction could be so fun until we found Ms. Cat! Now she and her sister have learned more than we ever could have imagined possible in such a short time. Ms. Cat is so enthusiastic and passionate about her work and does a magnificent job of motivating her students to work toward goals. My girls love being rewarded for their effort and always look forward to playing a variety of songs from different genres. There is not a day that goes by that I don't hear the piano being played in our home, and the best part is that I rarely have to remind them to practice because Ms. Cat has truly instilled in them a love for piano!
-- NELIA E. (parent)


If you love the sound of music in your home, Ms. Cat is the lady to help you have it! Having had no musical training as a child, I wanted to offer it to my children. It has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Ms. Cat has kept my girls very interested and challenged in their lessons. She is caring and kind, and really enjoys each student.  Playing piano has given my girls a great sense of pride, and boosted their confidence. I look forward to many years of lessons with Ms. Cat, and many years of beautiful music! 
-- ALONNA B. (parent)

We have two daughters. ages 8 and 6, who are taking piano from Mrs. Cat. They had taken lessons from two teachers in the past but the results were very disappointing. After emailing our home school group for recommendations, we found Mrs. Cat. The girls have been taking lessons from her since last fall and the results have been outstanding! She is a fabulous teacher! She is kind, yet firm, and makes learning piano fun for the kids. The music she chooses for the children to play is enjoyable to listen to as well. Another great thing about Mrs. Cat is that she teaches during the day for her home-schooled students, leaving the evenings free for more family time. My children have really enjoyed taking lessons from her and my husband and I plan to continue using Mrs. Ladd for all of our 5 children.
AMIE B. (parent)


Ms. Cat has been inspirational to my two daughters, ages 11 and 15.  She encourages them to play all different genres of music, from classical (Beethoven, Mozart) to modern music (such as music from the Twilight movies..."Bella's Lullaby" and "The Meadow").  Her love of music and ability to teach has inspired them to stretch their talents to new limits.  We are grateful to be part of her studio.
-- LISA M. (parent)

My son, Ethan, started taking lessons shortly after he turned five. He was excited to start lessons, but we were a bit apprehensive about how an energetic little boy would do in piano. He LOVES it and has truly flourished under her direction!  He has chosen it over any other activities since then. "Ms. Cat" is so nurturing, but definitely has a plan for your child that she gently, but adamantly, encourages. She expects the best out of her students and they look forward to meeting those expectations. She will meet your child where he or she is and works from that point, for your individual child. Seeing the pride and excitement in my son's eyes after mastering a new piece for friends, family or at a recital is something we will always cherish. I'm looking forward to having her as a teacher for my other children as soon as they're ready!
-- TAMARA T. (parent)

Ms. Cat is the BEST piano teacher ever!  I've had 3 piano teachers in the 8 years I've played, and Ms. Cat is by far my favorite.  She really knows what she's doing, and she knows how to keep me interested.  I actually look forward to my lessons each week, and my mom doesn't even have to ask me to practice.  Thank you for being such an AWESOME teacher, Ms. Cat! 

-- NATALIE L. (student, age 15)


Mrs. Catherine is a wonderful piano teacher and really takes the time to explain things well to us. She is open to different kinds of music and I really enjoy learning from her!
-- DIVYA A. (student, age 16)


Ms. Catherine has excellent communication and organization skills, and that makes it easy for parents like me to interact with her. She insists on high standards and that is good. My children enjoy learning from her.
--ANSU A. (parent)

Catherine has been the right piano teacher for us.  She is good at keeping my child focused, interested and motivated.  She will be honest with your children's abilities and potential right from the beginning. She is a very organized, methodical and committed teacher while at the same time expecting the same degree of commitment and hard work from the student and the parents.  She takes pride in her work and takes what she does very seriously. I would recommend her as your child's piano teacher with confidence.
-- BETUL R. (parent)

My daughter loves "Ms. Cat."  The way she runs her studio is so fun and different from any other teacher we've been with.  We wouldn't dream of taking from anyone else!  Our whole family is so grateful to be part of her studio.
-- TRISH M. (parent)