Calendar of Events for 2017-18 School Year


August 29 
– Start of Fall Semester
October 10 - There is no school on this Tuesday for RRISD, but we WILL be having lessons. I will not be able to make up lessons missed on this day. Thank you.
October 31 - No lessons AFTER SCHOOL (Halloween!); We WILL still have daytime (homeschool) lessons until 3:30 pm. Makeups for after-school lessons will be Friday, Dec. 1.

October 14 – Jazz, Pop & Rock Festival
UT Austin Butler School of Music – Registration due by Sept. 12

October 21 - Adult Student Recital
Steinway Gallery – Registration due by Oct. 10

November 18 - Piano Ensemble Festival (Duet/Trio)
UT Austin – Registration due by Oct. 15

November 20-24 – No lessons (Thanksgiving break)

December 2 - Hymn Festival
UT Austin – Registration due by Oct. 27
December 3 – Studio Piano Party, 3-5:30 pm

December 9 - Studio Christmas Recital, 10 am - 12 pm
Steinway Gallery

December 18 - End of Fall Semester


January 8 - Start of Spring Semester

January 20 - Young Composers Concert
Steinway Gallery – Registration due by Jan. 6

February 3 - State Theory Test
Concordia University – Registration due by Jan. 3

February 20 - This is a RRISD day off but we WILL be having lessons. I will not be able to make up lessons missed on this day. Thank you.

February 24 - Baroque/Classical Festival
UT Austin - Registration due by Jan. 20

March 1 - No lessons

March 12-16 – Spring break (no lessons)

April 7 - Romantic/Contemporary Festival
UT Austin – Registration due by March 5
April 21 – Adult Student Recital
Steinway – Registration due by April 10
May (date TBA): Studio Piano Party

May (date TBA): Spring Recital
Steinway Gallery

May 25 – End of Spring Semester

Recent Events

Sonatina Festival

Congratulations to all of my participating students, who all received a Superior rating at the Sonatina Festival! Also, a big congratulations to Bel for her Superior Plus win and Honors Recital performance! Beautiful job, everyone!


Spring Theory Test

A big CONGRATULATIONS to all of my students who took the Texas Music Theory Exam! We had a TON of perfect scores, and everyone who participated earned a medal! Congrats to everyone for knowing their music theory so well! :) On a scoring system of 1 - 101, we earned 18 Gold medals (98-101), 5 Silver (94-97) and 1 Bronze (90-93). Nice job!!


Spring Festival

Congratulations to all of my participating students, who all received wonderful ratings at the Spring Festival! Each student performed 2 memorized pieces for the judging panel. It was a very valuable learning experience as always! Great job!!


Music Makes You Smarter

Question: How do we know that "Music Makes You Smarter?"

Answer: Here is an excerpt from a very interesting article, “Music Makes You Smarter,” written by Frances H. Rauscher (Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin)


A new body of research suggests that music training at an early age can develop the neural connections that are necessary for understanding complex mathematical and scientific concepts. This research shows an important link between musical training and other cognitive abilities. It is clear that cognitive stimulation reaches a high level during music training.  After all, a child working on a mathematical problem can sit back and ponder it for as long as necessary before committing pencil to paper. The same child, playing with a band, must keep up with the group and at the same time think ahead to prepare for what is coming. In no other subject is a child called upon to make four or five decisions per second and to act on them continuously for long stretches of time.

During musical performance, children must constantly turn their thoughts into action. Thought structures continually have to be updated and adjusted. This combination of constant vigilance and forethought coupled with ever-changing physical responses is an educational experience of unique value. One can easily see why children with music training are able to deal more easily with material which cannot immediately be assimilated. In turn, these children may be able to learn more easily and store information better than children who are not given the opportunity to participate in music making.


The 5 Browns Concert!

The 5 Browns concert on November 6 was a wonderful event! Our studio had about 50 students and parents attend...thank you to the 5 Browns for supporting local music teachers and making music fun and accessible to our students!